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Two new models for Fall 2017! The shipyard is proud to present not just one but two new boats this autumn: the 40 and 50. With its two new models, Lagoon now offers a full line of catamarans from 38 to 77 feet.

Lagoon 42

NEW Lagoon 42

Cocktail of the day : Mix 1/4 of cruising experience (30 years old), 1/4 of racing multihulls, and 2/4 of a great yard and you get the NEW Lagoon 42… 20 knots of wind… 16 knots of speed : What else ?

The Great Escape

The Great Escape

Do you dream of a big adventure? Of course you do. But you probably quash it, thinking it’s just not possible while the kids are at school or you have a job. But Nadine Tedder and her family did it, and lived to tell the inspiring tale.

Lagoon 39

Boat Review: Lagoon 39

It’s always interesting to see what builders do in the market to distinguish their boats, and how designs change over time. The new Lagoon 39 catamaran is most definitely a design departure from the old range and together with the new Lagoon 52, is the shape of things to come from one of the biggest builders in the world.

New SporTop versions of the Lagoons 450 and 52

The Lagoons 450 and 52 are the two bestsellers in the Lagoon range, partly thanks to their superb flybridges, the design which Lagoon launched in 2004, and which attracted a great deal of attention before being adopted by many other catamaran builders. All catamarans in the Lagoon range over 45′ are equipped with a flybridge.…

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Recent Launchings

L39 # 44 was delivered to Cape Town in 2014 and is now berthed in the Cape Grace Marina. Owned by a local yachtsman for cruising in the Cape waters. L39 # 106 was successfully launched and commissioned end of June in France. The Owner is currently cruising in Portugal en-route to Ibiza. L450 #454…