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Sailing Vessels

  • Lagoon 46

    Lagoon 46

    A NEXT STEP TO THE PERFECT LIVEABORD The 46 reinforces the fundamentals that have made the brand a hedonist and…

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  • Lagoon Seventy 7

    Lagoon Seventy 7

    Lagoon and Sunbrella, the reference brand for indoor and outdoor fabrics, have combined their know-how to design a unique universe…

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  • Lagoon 50

    Lagoon 50

    This new boat fits in between the established 450 and the 52, providing an appealing option for sailors in search…

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  • Lagoon 40

    Lagoon 40

    Representing a new visual identity, the 40 affirms its distinctive personality at first glance. Although faithful to its Lagoon DNA,…

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  • Lagoon 380

    Lagoon 380

    Good Living With more than 500 Lagoon Catamaran's built to date, the smallest of the Lagoon Catamaran's holds the cruising…

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  • Lagoon 380 Infinity

    Lagoon 380 Infinity

    To celebrate the 16th anniversary of the best selling 380… Lagoon has just launched the special Infinity series.

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  • Lagoon 42

    Lagoon 42

    The Lagoon 42 is the sublime successor to the best selling 421. This is a completely new design from the…

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  • Lagoon 450 Sportop

    Lagoon 450 Sportop

    The new Lagoon 450 Sportop Catamaran is a wonderful combination of power, beauty and refinement. The VPLP team have delivered…

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  • Lagoon 450 Flybridge

    Lagoon 450 Flybridge

    The Lagoon 450 Catamaran replaces the 440 – but of course retains the qualities that made this Lagoon Catamaran a…

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  • Lagoon 52 Sportop

    Lagoon 52 Sportop

    The new Lagoon 52 Sportop Catamaran is all about pure luxury and giving you a sublime on-water experience. You’ll enjoy…

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  • Lagoon 52 Flybridge

    Lagoon 52 Flybridge

    For many years naval architects VPLP have been moving the masts further aft in their racing catamarans to improve performance…

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  • Lagoon 560 S2

    Lagoon 560 S2

    A creative design based on a 25 year experience An original concept combined with 25 years of experience, this innovative,…

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  • Lagoon 620

    Lagoon 620

    Art of Living Noblesse oblige: designed for long distance cruising, the Lagoon Catamaran flagship is a luxurious home that can…

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