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New SporTop versions of the Lagoons 450 and 52

The Lagoons 450 and 52 are the two bestsellers in the Lagoon range, partly thanks to their superb flybridges, the design which Lagoon launched in 2004, and which attracted a great deal of attention before being adopted by many other catamaran builders.

All catamarans in the Lagoon range over 45' are equipped with a flybridge. However, because « it takes all kinds to make a world », we decided to meet the need of those sailors who do not want a flybridge area and develop the new SporTop versions of the Lagoons 450 and 52, featuring a more conventional and secure helm station (up against the coach house bulkhead) which provides easier direct communication with the crew in the cockpit, as well as a lowered rig, which reduces pitching and makes access to the boom easier, while keeping the same sail area.

So, sailors can now choose between a FlyBridge or SporTop version of the Lagoons 450 and 52 ranges. New names of these models are: 450 F, 450 S, 52 F and 52 S.

Recent Launchings

To mark the occasion, Lagoon has also asked Nauta to work on a new interior design for these two models:

For the Lagoon 52, a new U-shaped galley gives better worktop layout and, with no central island, the galley is more practical and the saloon more spacious.

For the Lagoon 450, the U-shaped galley has been turned 90° to provide more direct access to the saloon and cockpit. This makes the worktops in the galley much more user-friendly. The forward cabins on the Lagoon 450 have also been modified: they are now wider and more comfortable, with semi-island double beds and a lateral access.

These new layouts will be applied to both FlyBridge and SporTop versions of the Lagoons 450 and 52.